Cyberus Key Simply Secure™

A universal user authentication system that is simple to use yet ultra secure – NO PASSWORDS for users to create, remember and type anymore.
  • The first system to blend key security features that prevents phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks – most frequent hacking methods.
  • No user credentials used or transmitted – nothing for hackers to steal.
  • One click user logon to online accounts using sound.
  • Cloud-based solution: quick & easy install using API for web applications.
  • SDK available for integration with mobile applications.
  • Multi-Factor authentication available: biometrics, device geo-location.
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  • works on any device, any browser, any OS,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

At home, at work, in a café, on a train, anywhere you like – a simple and secure one-click login using a smartphone and any web browser on any laptop or tablet. NO PASSWORD NEEDED!

Using our API – fast and simple plug n’ play integration with your online login page. Users perform one-time registration and download the CYBERUS KEY mobile app from iTunes or Google Play and log into their online account with one click of the mouse.

  • no additional hardware needed,
  • readily available APIs and SDKs for easy integration into your existing websites and mobile apps,
  • integration with leading standards such as OpenID and OAuth.





CYBERUS KEY – a password free, multifactor user authentication platform.






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“Cyberus Key – a solution for PSD2 EU Directive transactions between Banks & TPP”





“Cyberus Key – a solution for PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication Requirements”









CYBERUS KEY is a next generation user authentication system that combines ease of use and ultra-security.

CYBERUS KEY eliminates the need to remember and use User IDs and passwords

The patented system is designed to:

  • eliminate the use and transmission of user credentials in the login process – nothing for hackers to steal,
  • eliminate most popular hacking methods such as phishing and man-in the middle-attacks,
  • create an ultra secure one time code that is used to identify the user,
  • create an out-of-band channel during login to confirm both sides of the transaction the user to the website and website to the user,
  • easily integrate biometrics or other additional user authentication methods.



CYBERUS KEY is a next generation user authentication system that combines ease of use and ultra-security CYBERUS KEY eliminates the need to remember and use User IDs and passwords.

The patented system is designed to:

  • an un-hackable cryptographic method is used to generate a one-time code that is pushed from the Cyberus Key authentication server to a laptop or tablet, which emits the one-time ultrasonic signal,
  • the nearby smartphone picks up the ultrasonic signal and uses a patented algorithm to extract the one-time code,
  • the one-time code is sent back to the Cyberus Key authentication server, along with identifying information about the smartphone, validating the security of the communication,
  • the Cyberus Key authentication server confirms that both sides of the transaction are authentic, protecting your company as well as your customers,
  • with all devices authenticated and linked, a secure communication channel is opened enabling identity verification, payment or any other information or content.




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