Eliminate passwords
to maximise security


What is Cyberus Key?

Your users will never need to remember or input a password again with Cyberus Key, our one-touch universal, user authentication system.

Why Cyberus Key?

Now you can guarantee your customers the highest level of protection against phishing attacks, identity and data theft, and more. By removing the risk of stolen passwords or credentials, you can eliminate one of the biggest cyber security threats..


No more passwords means your
customers’ credentials can never
be stolen,making phishing attacks
impossible and providing the highest
level of protection possible.

Taking just a moment and
requiring just one-touch to login,
Cyberus Key offers your customers
a seamless user-experience that
works through their Smartphone.

Whether you prefer cloud-based,
on-premise or a hybrid model, it’s
easy to set up and install with API
functionality and a SDK available
depending on your needs.

No matter how fast the hackers work,
our unique CyberusKey technology
offers real protection and means you
will always be one step ahead.

How it works

Deploying one-time audio token technology, the login transaction is secured between your
website and your user’s smartphone. This is automatically sent to the Cyberus Key
authentication server where identity is confirmed, allowing the login to proceed –
all happening in a matter of moments.

Three simple steps for your customer
Your customer selects the Cyberus Key icon on your site, registers
just once and downloads the mobile app from their app store
Following installation, with just one touch, audio token technology
transmits a signal to their phone
Now automatically logged in, they can access services and
personal data safe in the knowledge their login is fully secure

Cyberus Key

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