Simply secure user login and authentication

CYBERUS KEY is a Cloud based easy to use & ultra secure user authentication system. With just one click users quickly and securely log into their online accounts.

Based on an unbreakable encryption system – CYBERUS KEY uses sound as a communication method between devices.
CYBERUS KEY eliminates username & password problem. Is hacker-proof as it eliminates user credentials in the login process altogether.

Perfect solution for eCommerce, online media & fintech services. Quick to install with use of our API and SDK for Mobile Only version.

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Proper protection of the company data and devices in the digital world



With EXO5 you secure all devices and corporate data.

Easily you locate a laptop or phone, encrypt disk, folder and the selected files, even without access to the Internet or device.

Everything can be managed from a single administrative panel located in the cloud.  With EXO5 meet standards of data security such as GIODO or ISO27001.

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