SME Instrument Phase2 Coordinators Welcome Day in Brussels

SME Instrument Phase2 Coordinators Welcome Day in Brussels

We are in Brussels participating in the European Innovation Council Coordinators Welcome Day for SME Instrument Phase 2 projects. It is a meeting for SME Instrument projects’ coordinators. The 2-day agenda is full of presentations and workshops. It is a very helpful initiative that helps to get full understanding of what EIC offers to SMEs’ that have been chosen for financing from H20202/SME Instrument fund.

Subjects cover many areas: from practical advices on how to prepare reports including their financial components, meetings with investors and learning about investing opportunities for SME Instrument alumni and discovering advantages of cooperation  within European Enterprise Network.

But that was not all! Participants were also able to have sessions with EASME Coaches, Workshops on how to find an investor or work with the Public Sector.

However, one of the most important elements were; meeting with the Project Officer and of course networking!
It was great learning experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting news shortly!

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