Three big cybersecurity issues on the agenda at Barcelona

Three big cybersecurity issues on the agenda at Barcelona

George Slawek, Cyberus Labs CEO

While we didn’t get a chance to take a stroll down Las Ramblas or a trip to Camp Nou, it was a pleasure to be in Barcelona for this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019).
It was great to meet people from all types of companies and organisations and hear their own cybersecurity concerns and how they are handling those issues right now.

With 5G now a reality and due to be rolled out more extensively across the world, security is more important than ever and our team noted three cyber security challenges in particular that seemed to be big in Barcelona this year.

Three cybersecurity concerns on the agenda at Barcelona

  1. A common theme emerged from speaking with attendees and this was the lack of a strong end-to-end cybersecurity solution which could protect users, devices and data.
  2. Industry 4.0 is a phrase that’s part of daily technology life and as it includes the Internet of Things, automation, robotics, cloud computing and more, security is a major concern for all in the sector. This also includes the automotive industry, and secure Machine to Machine authentication and communication has never been more important.
  3. While many were well aware of these issues, cybersecurity is fast-moving and new threats arise all the time. And many agree the emerging threat is user authentication to voice activated hubs like Alexa in the home or in the car – and it’s a real opportunity for hackers to get access to user accounts. Voice activated banking and voice activated access to car infotainment systems are the next user experience becoming available to the public while opening new attack options for hackers. And the automotive, smart homes and emerging smart banking sectors are on high alert.

From our perspective, it’s only by closely listening to the market can we understand the challenges people face and that’s why events like the Mobile World Congress (MWC) are so important for us at Cyberus Labs. And as we spoke and engaged with stakeholders from all sectors, we were happy to report that through our solutions, we have the expertise and insight to meet each of these three challenges with clarity and conviction – and this is how we can do it…

How we can help you handle these three major cybersecurity concerns

  1. In recent years, we have anticipated this lack of end-to-end protection and with co-funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, we have developed ELIoT PRO. It’s the world’s first end-to-end cybersecurity solution for IoT networks, which eliminates the risk of stolen credentials to protect users, IoT devices, and data.
  2. IoT and its need for secure machine to machine (M2M) communication has been growing substantially. In response to this, we were able to speak in Barcelona about Cybpher, which is our Lightweight Encryption algorithm that not only protects the data but also provides secure Machine to Machine authentication that’s really needed in all smart industries.
  3. And finally, so many organisations are worried about this relatively new threat posed in terms of voice activated hubs (e.g. Alexa, Google Homes, or Siri). Due to its very weak security, voice recognition is something that’s been on the minds of our customers and security professionals as the technology has developed.  We have developed a strong and easy-to-use authentication to voice activated hubs with login using token-based sound technology to provide complete security.

Just like Barcelona itself, cybersecurity never sleeps (!) and looking to the future, we always need to be thinking one step ahead of the hackers. With that in mind, our secure device-to-device authentication architecture enables ELIoT Pro to create a “self-healing” IoT ecosystem.  ELIoT Pro offers device owners real-time device performance monitoring with advanced AI to predict device maintenance and replacement needs.

As usual, it was a great trip and we met lots of interesting people. We’re looking forward to keeping in touch with so many and helping them tackle their cybersecurity concerns head-on.

And whether you were at Barcelona or not and need to talk about your cyber security challenges and what you see as the next big issue, we’d love to hear from you – so why not drop us a line and tell what steps you’re taking.

For now, it’s back to the lab!