ELIoT Pro White Paper Series Part 4: Stay ahead of the hack

ELIoT Pro White Paper Series Part 4: Stay ahead of the hack

This whitepaper is the last of the 4 series of whitepapers that deal with cyber security. In this part, we answer the question ELIot Pro’s self-healing technology with predictive analytics works. We also write about how to keep system safe and secure.

As you already known from the ELIoT Pro White Paper 3, Cyberus Labs have developed an IoT-specific data analytics module known as EP Cortex. An integral part of the world’s first end-to-end cyber security solution ELIoT Pro, EP Cortex is home to a predictive analytics capability and IoT device marketplace, alongside other key elements like device profiling and rules management system.

A role of self-healing

Devices are under considerable pressure and a 2018 study reported that IoT devices are attacked on average within five minutes of being plugged into the Internet.

Any device that does not work within the predefined specifications as planned has either been compromised or needs repair / replacement.

To ensure secure and effective operation, System Owners and Device Vendors need to be aware of the efficiency of their systems and equipment in real time.

Predictive maintenance systems are designed to proactively track and recognize a possible deviation from their regular criteria before a degree of trust is restored and normal operations are resumed. Initially, self-healing engines were intended to avoid downtime and allow a device to recognize suboptimal activities before eventually fixing the problem or alerting the appropriate people with the skills to respond.

Recognizing the importance of both of these technical elements, Cyberus Labs’ team has fused them with other core components to create a comprehensive analytics platform that we call EP Cortex.

It is the third layer in ELIoT Pro, our flagship IoT information security system, which consists of many main components including tracking, diagnostics, and self-healing.

Acting as a form of command center, EP Cortex helps the device to warn its owners that it has established a hazardous or otherwise anomalous state so that the device can adapt and change.

For more details download our new ELIoT Pro White Paper Series: Part 4.