The first fully intelligent building in Poland now protected against hacking attacks with ELIoT Pro cybersecurity solution

The first fully intelligent building in Poland now protected against hacking attacks with ELIoT Pro cybersecurity solution

Cyberus Labs has implemented its end-to-end IoT cybersecurity solution ELIoT Pro in the first fully functional smart building in Poland – APA Black House in Gliwice. Users of the building can now log in securely to its management system, without fear that their data will be intercepted by hackers and used to take control of elements of the Internet of Things systems used in the building.

APA Black House is the realization of the connected smart home idea. It is a technically advanced building managed through the APA Smart application where all system (including ventilation, lighting, security, energy recovery, entertainment) have been automated and connected. The system is easy to control, and the house itself – using the data from sensors – reacts actively to changes in the environment, meaning its operating costs decrease, and functionality increases. In APA Black House in Gliwice, visitors can experience a truly intelligent building and see how to control it.

“Our ultramodern technology showroom is a black, designer, several-storey block packed with intelligent technologies like sensors, automation and solutions that recently could only be seen in science-fiction movies. It was created to show people technologies that make everyday life easier. The building is equipped with the emotion recognition system, a modern vehicle charging station combined with an Intelligent Energy Optimization Platform or a farmbot taking care of our plants on the roof” says Aleksandra Latocha, Marketing Department Coordinator APA Group.

The intelligent home is controlled by the Nazca system – a platform that automates the collection and processing of information provided by management systems of the building, its security and energy consumption. It is also able to integrate huge amounts of data, including heating, ventilation, monitoring and much more.

The system provides an enormous amount of advantages to its users, however, it also gives cybercriminals the opportunity to take control of the entire smart home ecosystem by attacking individual elements of the Internet of Things, such as electronic devices or sensors. That is why it is so important to secure it properly and the integrated ELIoT Pro cybersecurity solution now makes the system unhackable

“A hacker attack on a fridge might only be treated as a minor inconvenience. However, imagine if an unauthorized person hacks into a connected system and increases the temperature in a chemical plant – it could lead to an explosion. That is why it is so important that all elements of IoT systems are well protected, “says Marek Ostafil, co-founder and COO of Cyberus Labs. “From now, it is possible thanks to ELIoT PRO”. explains Marek Ostafil, co-founder and COO Cyberus Labs.

ELIoT PRO is a development of the Cyberus Key technology introduced in 2017. It is an easy-to-use and ultra-secure platform for logging in and confirming operations based on the only unbroken encryption system to date – the Vernam cipher. The ELIoT PRO system guarantees secure, multi-factor human-to-machine authentication (H2M) and a special machine-to-machine (M2M) authentication and encryption system, eliminating the weakest and easiest cybersecurity link for hackers – passwords and data access users and devices.

“Until now, most of the IoT devices have not been able to integrate cybersecurity solutions because they did not have sufficient computing power, memory, or had limited power consumption capabilities to support demanding encryption algorithms. We have introduced our own encryption system, which is specially designed for such devices – it requires minimal memory and power consumption. Thanks to this, we provide encryption that is really available for all intelligent devices for the first time” – explains Marek Ostafil.

The entire ELIoT PRO system consists of four components: user authentication, device authentication supported by an algorithm that encrypts data transmission between them, a system for monitoring the behaviour of the entire IoT environment and all its devices, detecting failures and attacks, and a system that allows continuity of processes.

At APA Black House, the implementation of the ELIoT PRO system will ensure, among others, secure and simple access to the system and management of these access in Nazca. On 9th October, APA Black House guests will experience the IoT cybersecurity solution first-hand at the premiere of our first smart building integration of ELIoT PRO with the Nazca intelligent building management application.

The world premiere of the full version of the ELIoT PRO system will take place on October 29 at the same time during the Cybersec conference in Katowice and the IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.

ELIoT Pro has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program via the SME Instrument and will launch in Spring 2020.

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James Elms
PR Officer Cyberus Labs

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About Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Horizon 2020 funds high-potential innovation developed by SMEs through the SME instrument. The SME instrument offers Europe’s brightest and boldest entrepreneurs the chance to step forward and request funding for breakthrough ideas with the potential to create entirely new markets or revolutionise existing ones.

Cyberus Labs is the first Polish company selected for the SME Instrument grant in 2018, since the new evaluation process with pitching in Brussels was been introduced. To date, only 10 Polish SMEs have been selected as beneficiaries of the SME Instrument since its start in 2014.

ELIoT PRO joined the prestigious group of the most innovative European projects selected for funding from the SME Instrument (Horizon 2020) to complete development and bring the product to market as quickly as possible.