Cyberus Labs joins the Art + Technology initiative to secure digitisation of the art world.

Cyberus Labs joins the Art + Technology initiative to secure digitisation of the art world.


Paris, France, November 10th, 2020

Cyberus Labs is excited to announce its participation in the most needed initiative by Convelio dedicated to support the art world in digitisation of its work and presence – Art + Technology. It is a consortium of some of the most innovative companies that will provide services and support to art market players to go digital and be protected in their online activities.

Cyberus Labs joins the initiative with Cyberus Key – a cutting-edge, password-less, multifactor user authentication system that provides an easy to use login and operation confirmation for any web or mobile service. With an easy and highly secure one-touch user login Cyberus Key provides an unrivaled user experience – no usernames/passwords to create, store or remember. Together with automated ease installation it guarantees the multilevel protection of all types of on-line operations and transactions for businesses, institutions and consumers.

Jack Wolosewicz (Cyberus Labs Co-founder, CEO & CTO) has underlined the importance of the initiative and Cyberus Labs support: “We’re proud to be officially partnering Convelio’s initiative that is addressing one of the most challenging issues for the art world today – their secure online presence and continuous activities”, said Jack Wolosewicz (Cyberus Labs’ Co-founder, CEO & CTO), “With Cyberus Key we are introducing a revolutionary cybersecurity solution in service of arts – removing the risk of stolen passwords or credentials and preventing cybersecurity threats. We are happy to contribute to the Art + Technology initiative helping to protect art institutions such as galleries, museums, collectors, marketplaces, and all art lovers. We believe that it is much needed not only now in times of Covid-19 pandemic but also for the future global art market development.”

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About Cyberus Labs

Based in Poland, with proven Silicon Valley experience, we’re a team of cybersecurity specialists that fully understand the new cyber threats faced by your business or organisation, whatever the market, size or type of the organization. From traditional sectors who have fully embraced the digital age like retail, banking and e-commerce to the fast-growing world of IoT, consumers and users are under threat from hacking attacks in the form of phishing, identity and data theft, and much more. Our solutions eliminate the risk of stolen passwords or credentials for both your users and devices – with our unique password-free authentication using one-time transaction codes. And that makes your users, data and devices more secure than ever before.

About Art + Technology

Over the course of the coming days, we will share content from experts on how digitization can help the art market mitigate the business risks associated with the COVID-19. The aim of the initiative is to support art market players and help them grow through this difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic. Convelio has organised a partnership and consortium of the most innovative companies to ensure reliable and secure online services to keep the art market developing in the digital space.

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